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If you are looking for ways to join with others to enrich your life, improve the world around you, share your joys and sorrows, have some fun, come try us out. We firmly believe that diversity enriches us all, that each has talents to share and together we can accomplish wonders.

Links to ways to become connected: sing in the Choir, holiday fair, Sunday coffee & snacks, occasional church school assistant, visiting with or sending cards to those who are ill, make a meal for someone, play at Ferry Beach, minor repairs and projects on this venerable building, join us for movie and discussion night or meditation group.
People in our congregation help one another through our Pastoral Care committee. We get the word out when someone needs a ride to an appointment, or a meal, a visit, child care, an errand done or just a friendly, supportive card or call.


First Parish Church

225 Cabot St

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