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Local Food Resources

Here’s the resource guide. It is not meant to be complete, but just a start. There are so many good local food resources in our area! Please share freely and widely.     

Local Foods in the Beverly Area
A Starter Guide

Some of you are veritable experts on local food sources, while others may be new to this concept. Start by considering ingredients closest to home. Do you or your neighbors have food to share from your gardens? Are you familiar with any wild edibles in season? Chances are you’ll still need to go shopping. The list below offers some sources of local foods. Most of the fruit and vegetable growers have farmstands on-site. Some of the cheeses and some other items need to be purchased at a retail store. Many independent or natural food stores are attentive to sourcing some foods locally. Try Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton, The Organic Rainbow in Beverly and Whole Foods in Swampscott. A staff person at any of these locations can be helpful in clarifying which products meet the 100-mile guideline.

This time of year, local fall veggies and apples are easy to find. Local sweeteners can be used by substituting honey or maple syrup for sugar. Locally-grown grains and beans can be especially tricky to find, but the brands listed below are often available at Green Meadows and/or The Organic Rainbow.

At the potluck, help everyone appreciate the flavors and origins of your dish; please write down each ingredient and its source on an index card to display next to your contribution.


Many local foods, sold directly from the growers or producers and all in one easy location! The Beverly Farmer’s Market (Mondays, 3:30-6:45pm in season) is a great resource.You can always find great local produce – and sometime local fish, meats, eggs, and cheeses – at other North Shore markets.

  • Marblehead Farmer’s Market, Saturdays, 9am-12, thru 10/23 – 217 Pleasant St, Marblehead.
  • Peabody Farmer’s Market, Tuesdays, 1-6pm, thru 10/31 – Railroad Ave, behind the courthouse.
  • Salem Farmer’s Market, Thursdays 3-7pm, thru 10/21 – Derby Sq, Front St, Salem.

Commuting to Boston? There are multiple markets daily in different neighborhoods. To find MA Farmer’s Markets, go to


  • Brooksby Farm – 38 Felton St, Peabody (978) 531-7456. Their own apples and some veggies.
  • Canaan Farms – 93Main Street (Rt. 1A) Wenham (978) 468-1554. Their own veggies. Sometimes local eggs and cheese.
  • Cider Hill Farm – 45 Fern Ave, Amesbury, 978- 388-5525. Their own apples, cider, some veggies. Local cheese.
  • Clark Farm – 163 Hobart St, Danvers, 978-774-0550. Their own veggies.
  • Connors Farm – 30 Valley Road (Rte. 35), Danvers, 978-777-1245. Their own fruits and veggies.
  • Green Meadows Farm– 656 Asbury Street, Hamilton, 978-468-2277. Their own veggies, eggs and meat. Locally sourced fruit, milk, and cheese.
    Marini Farms – 259 Linebrook Rd, Ipswich, 978-356-0430. Their own veggies.
    Russell Orchards – 143 Argilla Rd, Ipswich, 978-356-5366. Their own fruit, some veggies, and wine. Valley View cheese often available.


  • Baer’s Best Beans – Distinct heirloom beans grown at Moraine Farm, Beverly. Available at Green Meadows Farm, The Organic Rainbow, and other locations.
  • GrandyOats – 349 Center Rd, Brownfield, ME. Maine-grown oats and other grains and grain products. Available at Green Meadows Farm, The Organic Rainbow, other locations, and online.
  • Kenyon’s Grist Mill – 21 Glen Rock Rd, West Kingston, RI. Cornmeal and other grains and flours. Some products are locally-grown, others are just locally milled.


  • Alta Vista Bison Farm – 80 Hillside Road, Rutland, MA, 508-886-4365. Bison.
  • Courser Brook Red Deer Farm – 2 Fruit Street, Byfield, MA. 978-465-7826.
    Green Meadows Farm – Chicken, lamb, pork, and turkey.
  • Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds – 159 Wheeler Road, Concord, MA 01742, 978-318-0063. Chicken, lamb, pork, rabbit, and eggs.
  • Tendercrop Farm – 108 MA 1A, Newbury, MA 972-462-6972. Chicken, beef, turkey, and eggs.



  • Green Meadows Farm.
  • Long Ears Farm – West Newbury, 978-363-2341.
  • Natural Way Farm – Anne Goldstein, 79 Hill Street. Topsfield, 978-887-8580. Available at The Organic Rainbow store.
  • Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds – 159 Wheeler Road, Concord, MA 01742, 978-318-0063.
  • Tendercrop Farm  – 108 MA 1A, Newbury, MA 972-462-6972.




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