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The Rites of Spring – 4/24/2011

A Story for Pesach

The story of Passover is the story of the Hebrew people, the great-great-grandchildren of a man named Israel, and their journey from slavery to freedom. Read More >>

It’s Not That Simple – 4/10/2011

I want to begin this morning in a far away country, in a tiny nation hidden away in the European Alps called the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. Grand Fenwick sits within borders roughly five miles long and three miles wide, and consists of three valleys, one rive, and one mountain. In Grand Fenwick nearly every aspect of life, from their system of government, to their economy and their manner of dress, is entirely medieval. The Fenwickians still live much as they would have a thousand years ago. Most of them farm the land or work as weavers and blacksmiths, and their national army, such as it is, consists of a handful of soldiers in heavy metal armor and a few dozen folks with bows and arrows. Read More >>

Not Quite Sprung

As I write this, Spring seems to have arrived so far in name only. Like most of you I am waiting for the brighter days and few green shoots to be accompanied by warmer winds and the earnest budding and blossoming of growing things. Half in and half out of season is no way to live. Read More >>

Living in Clip – 4/3/2011

She wanted to find God. That’s how she explained her decision to her family. They were perplexed, and concerned – it wasn’t a choice that made much sense to them. They were Catholics, yes, and had raised her in the church, but they were not a particularly pious family. And now this shy, bookish daughter of theirs, who rarely disagreed with her parents, or went against their will, made it clear to them that she was adamant. Teenagers are notoriously willful, but this was no passing whim for the young woman. Her mind was set, and seeing this, her parents decided that the best thing they could do, was to get out of her way. So it was, that in the fall of 1962, Karen Armstrong entered a convent of the Society of the Holy Child of Jesus, embarking on a spiritual quest to become a nun. Read More >>


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