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Holding Fast – 5/15/2011

The world is a slippery sort of thing. It can be hard, very hard, to hold on to all the many pieces of life. In our days on this earth, we may try new ideas, new plans, new relationships, careers or places to live. No matter how many or how few sorts of things we devote our living to, we can be assured that not all of them will last. There is plenty of trial and error to life; what was familiar and sustaining will sometimes pass away, and what is exciting and new and untested does not always transform into a well-established part of our deeper selves. Read More >>

Just Desserts – 5/8/2011

This year, as a congregation, we have been considering together the spiritual value of simplicity. Specifically we have been engaged with the challenge of what it could mean for us to live simply, that others might simply live. Within Unitarian Universalism, one of our greatest prophets of simple living is Henry David Thoreau, who, his most famous book, Walden, wrote these words more than 150 years ago: Read More >>

A Pastoral Letter on the Death of Osama bin Laden – 5/8/2011

Dearly Beloved,

I preached to you this morning that all human beings deserve life and the freedom that gives life meaning, and that these rights are unalienable: they are always with all of us, no matter what anyone does to us, and no matter what any of us do. Read More >>

Come Alive, and Share It

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

–Howard Thurman

What are you passionate about? Where are the big ‘yes’s in your life? Read More >>

Shelter from the Storm – 5/1/2011

As I begin my words to you this morning, I would ask you to join me in holding prayerfully in your hearts the people of northern Alabama and the surrounding region, so terribly afflicted by storm this week. I have been moved deeply by the stories of destruction and suffering inflicted there by a massive cluster of tornadoes on Tuesday and Wednesday. Read More >>


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