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My Universalist Specifics – 3/18/2012

Last Sunday, our Director of Religious Education, Deb Sweet, spoke from this pulpit about her understanding of God, and how she arrived at it. Today it is my turn to do the same. Now I will be surprised if you all agree with everything I am about to say to you. In fact, if you find nothing to disagree with, I will be disappointed. There are places where the people in the pews are expected to hold the same theology as the person in the pulpit. This is not one of those places. Even if we do not agree in our beliefs, I am very glad to be in this congregation with you, united by its larger agreement of service and love. So now, having said all that, let us begin: Read More >>

Be Careful What You Worship – 3/4/2012

There was once an Episcopalian congregation who sold their old church building to a group of Unitarian Universalists.  Or it may be that no such thing ever happened, but in any case that is how the story begins. Once they took ownership of the church, the UUs set about making the space their own. They redecorated the sanctuary, trying to bring a sense of intimacy to the vaulted space, and they decided to install a new floor in the social hall. The work downstairs meant that they had to find places in the church to store everything that was normally kept in that room for social hour. They had to get pretty creative, finding places to stash all of those chairs and tables and mugs, but eventually they did it. Read More >>

Believing Something Hard Enough To Feel It

There is an old story about a man who held to a certain idea which was unpopular among his neighbors – in fact, no one else in his entire city believed as he did. Rather than keeping his thoughts to himself, however, this man kept them always on display. Read More >>


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