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A Crack in the Wall – 4/29/2012

Last year, James Mitchell, a dedicated member and supporter of this congregation, stood where I am now and told us a story about how he had sat out where you are in the congregation one day and looked up to see a crack in the wall. That crack, right up there, where the wall begins to become the ceiling. Curiosity about that crack and the cause that lay behind it led folks in this congregation to address a structural issue in the roof at the rear of the building. And figuring that out helped people focus on some larger problems with our beloved church building, eventually leading to the restoration of all of our outer walls. We have that little crack to thank for the renewed beauty of our church home, and for the vibrant yellow of our building. Read More >>

My Day In Sunday School

On most Sundays, we gather for worship as one common family, but somewhere around the 15 minute mark something changes. Our children and their teachers leave the sanctuary to begin their religious education classes, as the rest of the congregation sings, ‘Go now in peace…’ As your minister, I have a call to serve that whole group that’s worshipping together in those first 15 minutes. But I rarely get to see the wonderful and important things going on in our RE classes, because I haven’t yet figured out how to be in two places at once. Read More >>

Being Included Is Not the Same as Belonging – 4/22/2012

As some of you know, I love to cook. The original reason behind my interest in making food was just that I loved to eat it. I grew up eating the meals my mother prepared, and she is a wonderful cook, but there came a time when I was no longer living at home and she wasn’t there to cook me my favorite dishes anymore. So I had to figure out how to make them myself, with some trial and error and a lot of calls home to ask for recipes and tips. What I discovered, over time, was some of the same pleasure that I believe my mother takes in her cooking. It feels good to be able to make something delicious and nourishing, to enjoy it yourself and most of all to get to share it with others. Food is among our most basic and intimate needs, and offering food to someone else is powerful way of showing them that we care. Read More >>

Truth or Consequences – 4/8/2012

Imagine something for me, for a moment if you would. You a riding on a subway car, through a tunnel underground. You are in the city of Berlin, in Germany, and it is roughly 30 years ago. When the Second World War came to an end in Europe, the super powers divided Germany into two halves: East and West. And the dividing line as they carved it ran right through the city of Berlin – the old capital. Eventually, one side built a wall along that borderline – not really to keep the other side out, but to keep their own people in. For many years, this was how life was in the two Berlins: broken and incomplete. Read More >>

Fortune Favors the Fool – 4/1/2012

The story is told in China about a man who was called Yu Gong, which means, ‘Old Fool.’ Yu Gong lived in a place called Jizhou which was not too far from a great river called Han. But in order to reach that river, Yu Gong and his friends and neighbors had to travel a great distance in order to go around the tall, impassible mountains that were in their way. So one day Yu Gong shared an audacious plan with his family: if they could move some of the mountains out of the way, the people would be able to reach the river, safely and easily. Read More >>


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