Spiritual Life

The spiritual growth of our members is at the heart-center of our church’s purpose. We do not share a common creed rather we share a common sense of humanity in search of deeper connections to each other and to our individual understandings of a higher power at work in our lives.

Sunday Worship Services

Through the ministry of words and music we gather each week to celebrate our community and to experience inspiration and support for the living of our day to day lives. This shared experience buoys our spirits and challenges us to reflect on our individual and collective endeavors to make the world a better place.

Lay Led Services


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year our Music & Worship committee schedules several Sunday services which are not led by our minister. They may be led primarily by one person or by a group, be drawn from within our church community or from outside resources.

On Sunday October 25, 2009 four members of our church, Julia Quigley Long, Sarah Shamel, Doug Baumoel, and David Flynn, generously and with love shared their spiritual journeys. Although they are from all different backgrounds, their stories were funny and touching, and full of appreciation for where they are now, and for how they got here.

After Worship Discussion

Following the benediction and Closing Circle, The Adult Learning Program is offering an After-Worship Discussion. This is an opportunity for those who would like to delve more into the theme of today’s service to collect in the Minister’s Study at the rear of the sanctuary for a chance to share your reflections on the service. Feel free to bring your

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coffee with you.


Meditation has been proven to calm the mind and increase patience, empathy and compassion. At FPC we combine breath and insight meditations to increase our selflessness and non re-activeness. The group usually meets on Sundays at 7:30 pm for one hour. (Please see church calendar.) The format is a half hour of breath meditation followed by a brief break and another half an hour of insight meditation. The session is typically led by David Flynn (a certified Yoga instructor through Yoga Spirit studios, Hamilton).

Small Group Ministries

The Small Group Ministry Program is an intentionally structured way for people to deepen their spiritual life and to get to know other people on a more intimate level. The Small Group Ministry at First Parish grew out of a Mass Bay District conference held at First Parish in October 2000.

Since that time as many as eight groups have met, some at the church and some in people’s homes. Small Group Ministry generally meets once a month around a structured topic. During the first meeting a covenant is established and members commit to coming to the monthly meetings during the church year. The established group also does a group community service project during the church year. Read More >>


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